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What you’ll learn

  • Real-world skills to build real-world websites: professional, beautiful and truly responsive websites
  • A huge project that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with HTML5 and CSS3
  • The proven 7 real-world steps from complete scratch to a fully functional and optimized website
  • Simple-to-use web design guidelines and tips to make your website stand out from the crowd
  • Learn super cool jQuery effects like animations, scroll effects and “sticky” navigation.


  • No coding or design experience necessary
  • Any computer will do — Windows, OSX or Linux
  • You don’t need to buy any software — we will use the best free web development editor in the world

So here is exactly what we cover in this training:

• Easy-to-follow and hands-on web development with HTML5, CSS3 and some jQuery.

• The proven 7 real-world steps from complete scratch to a fully functional and optimized website.

• Simple-to-use web design guidelines and tips to make your website stand out from the crowd.

• How to get and use images, fonts and icons to make your website shine — all for free.

• Responsive web design: learn how to create websites that work beautifully on all screen sizes.

• How to use jQuery for super cool effects like animations, scroll effects and “sticky” navigation.

• How to optimize your website for good speed performance and for search engines (SEO).

• How to launch your website for the world to see it.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners who want to learn how to build a professional, beautiful and responsive website
  • Students with some knowledge about HTML and CSS, but who struggle to put together a great website
  • Designers who want to expand their skill set into HTML5 and CSS3

Course Batches

    Course Curriculum

    Course introduction
    What you will learn this course 00:00:00
    Learn HTML
    Introduction Text Editor 00:00:00
    What is HTML 00:00:00
    The structure of an HTML document 00:00:00
    Starting to fill the structure 00:00:00
    Images attributes and link 00:00:00
    HTML Quiz 00:00:00
    Learn CSS
    Getting started with CSS 00:00:00
    Starting to make our webpage pretty 00:00:00
    Colors 00:00:00
    Classes and ID’s 00:00:00
    The CSS box model 00:00:00
    Building a simple layout 00:00:00
    Polishing our blog post 00:00:00
    Relative vs. Absolute 00:00:00
    Getting started with the Chrome Developer Tools 00:00:00
    CSS Quiz 00:00:00
    Website Design Basic
    Introduction to web design 00:00:00
    Beautiful typography 00:00:00
    Using colors like a professonal 00:00:00
    The meaning of colors in web design 00:00:00
    Working with images 00:00:00
    Working with icons 00:00:00
    Spacing and layout 00:00:00
    Introduction to user experience 00:00:00
    Getting inspired: the secret ingredient for stunning web design 00:00:00
    Wrapping up what we’ve learned in this section 00:00:00
    The ultimate cheatsheet: all web design guidelines in one place 00:00:00
    Web design quiz: test your knowledge! 00:00:00
    Website Project
    Download the Code 00:00:00
    The 7 real-world steps to a fully functional website 00:00:00
    Download the 7 steps here 00:00:00
    Web Project 1 00:00:00
    Starting to put the 7 steps into action 00:00:00
    First development steps 00:00:00
    Setting up the fluid grid for responsive web design 00:00:00
    Header Section
    Building the header 00:00:00
    Features Section
    Building the features section 00:00:00
    Building the favorite meals section 00:00:00
    Building the how-it-works section 00:00:00
    Building the cities section 00:00:00
    Testimonials Section
    Building the customer testimonials section 00:00:00
    Signup and Contact Form Section
    Building the sign-up section 00:00:00
    Building the contact form form 00:00:00
    Footer Section
    Building the footer 00:00:00
    Responsive Web Design with Media Queries
    Making the webpage responsive 00:00:00
    Tools of Web Browser 00:00:00
    Effect Section
    Download the Code 00:00:00
    Introduction to jQuery 00:00:00
    Building a “sticky” navigation 00:00:00
    Scrolling to elements 00:00:00
    Adding animations on scroll 00:00:00
    Making the navigation responsive 00:00:00
    Optimizing and Launching our Website
    Creating a favicon 00:00:00
    Performance optimization: site speed 00:00:00
    Let’s launch our webpage! 00:00:00
    Google Analytics 00:00:00
    Let’s recap what we learn 00:00:00

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